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Rocker Girl

I close my eyes, I dream that I'm awake

7 August
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Hi, I'm Kate ::waves::.

I'm a student at the University of Illinois as an Elementary Education major.

Um, yeah...you can probably tell a lot about me by just reading my journal. I try to be as honest and open as possible. This can sometimes cause problems because honesty isn't really appreciated by many people and then it leads to misunderstandings. So just to clarify - LiveJournal world is separate from real life. I am *not* writing things here for the intentions that people will read them, but rather to have a public chronicle of my life. If this makes you uneasy it is probably best that you pass this journal and save us both the trouble.

Also, it should be known that, while I do not condone censorship, I do not allow hate speech in my journal. All points of view are welcome when they are expressed respectfully.

Other than that...have a great day!